A brand and communications strategist

What I do

I bring rigor to ideas and take the guesswork out of marketing

Brand isn’t just some cute stuff you do at the top of the funnel, it’s the foundation of your organization’s business, culture, and customer relationships. I specialize in helping traditional organizations identify and solve their toughest identity and customer problems using research and insight so they can adapt, transform, and grow.

Just some of the experience I bring

Case Studies


Since the 1960s, this iconic family-owned retailer had relied on traditional product marketing to engage a seemingly endless supply of memory-makers, artsy travel dads, and aspiring fashion photographers, not to mention a stable market of wedding and portrait pros. But in 2014 the bottom fell out of the global camera market, and Henry’s was faced with an existential crisis.

Discount Car Rentals

Started in an empty steel-town parking lot with guts and half a dozen cars over 40 years ago, Discount had grown into the largest Canadian-owned national car and truck rental company, with over 300 locations coast-to-coast. Sales relied heavily on local promotions, however, and management felt they could never take their foot off the gas. Discount needed to find a way to modernize their marketing in a way that made sense for them. 

Work with me

I collaborate with local and remote agency and marketing teams in lots of ways

I’m a flexible, end-to-end planner, writer, and strategic creative director with over 10 years of experience solving conceptual problems and designing projects that connect with audiences and employees in meaningful ways. 

  • Brand and comms planning
  • Brand workshops
  • Customer journeys 
  • Research & insights
  • Campaign frameworks
  • Big ideas


Artists aren’t known for their business savvy, but it turns out art might just be strategy’s perfect metaphor.

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