A bit about me

Just your average versatile left-brained creative communicator

I’m a strategic marketing and communications leader with a proven history of developing powerful brand positions and planning and executing unique, integrated marketing campaigns that combine insight and empathy with a deep understanding of behavior and cultural trends to connect with consumers in meaningful ways.

I’ve had the privilege of working with clients such Honda Motorcycles, Harbourfront Centre, and Henry’s Canada, with 20 years of combined client and agency experience. 

I have a degree in critical theory from York University, post-graduate certifications in integrated marketing strategy, digital, and data-driven marketing from Cornell University, and am a graduate and lifetime member of the Planning Dirty Academy. 

I don’t have a cat and I’m usually way funnier than this. 

Why work with a strategist?

Strategists discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way forward

Strategy has become one of the most overused words in business and marketing, but the core of the strategist’s work has always been the same: Design an approach, based on analysis, that leads to focused action. 

Strategy isn’t a fuzzy rationale, or a feel-good slide in a deck, it’s a fog-clearing, bottom line-crushing, data-driven advantage that brings rigor to ideas.

In advertising alone, strategic planning can bring:

0 %
more share over both short and long term
0 x
efficiency in capturing share of voice
0 %
more profit growth over 3+ years
0 %
direct sales increase vs general awareness

Base campaigns (n=996), The Long and Short of It, Les Binet & Peter Field, IPA Databank

How we can work together

For Agencies

Expand what you can offer clients

I’m a former agency strategic creative director and planner with top-shelf copywriting skills who has pitched, won, and worked on clients like Honda Motorcycles, Discount Car & Truck Rentals, and the Electrical Safety Authority. 

I bring tremendous value to agency teams who want to add brand or comms planning to their business offering either as a foundational value-add, or a way to dramatically increase both billable hours and the effectiveness of creative work.

For Organizations

Transform how you communicate

As both a consultant and team leader I’ve dived deep into client-side organizations to identify and solve the toughest brand, customer, and communications problems, helping build in-house strategic marketing teams, improve employee engagement and retention, and design campaigns and projects that address real customer needs.

I specialize in helping organizations with traditional business models like Harbourfront Centre and Henry’s Canada find new directions and audiences.

Some of my expertise

Brand Workshops

I design and lead workshops in branding, campaign planning, design strategy, and employer brand for teams, groups, and organizations.

Consumer Journeys

I help map the important emotional, sensory, and technological touchpoints that help you connect with your customers appropriately.

Creative Briefs

I write powerful, clarifying briefs that get to the heart of what’s important for creative teams and guide them to create work that connects.

Campaign Ecosystems

I define how different objectives, communications barriers, media, audience needs, and messages fit together across channels.

Research & Insights

I help take the guesswork out of communication by building real data-driven expertise through primary and secondary research. 

Big Ideas

Competition-crushing campaigns, forehead-smacking solutions, and smart left turns…. Big ideas are where strategy and creativity collide. 

Get in touch

Let me help transform how you or your clients look at creative communication

Whether you want to collaborate on a project, need some strategic insight, want to add to your team, or are looking for a contributor or speaker, I’m always open to connecting. Get in touch! 


(416) 834-0840