The Do It Right Network: Saving actual lives (#NBD)

The Electrical Safety Authority is the government-mandated not-for-profit corporation that’s responsible for promoting electrical safety and licensing all electrical work done in the province of Ontario.  It’s big, it’s bureaucratic, and it’s under a lot of pressure.

As their agency’s creative director and strategist, I had the unenviable task of building bridges between the organization’s warring groups of stakeholders – electricians, whom they licensed, and DIY homeowners, who wanted to do their own work without having to pay exorbitant fees for permits or licensed contractors.

We can't stop you Doing It Yourself, we just want to make sure you Do It Right.

Working with a quantitative research agency, we built a meaningful consumer segmentation study to dispel some myths about who the ESA’s target homeowner was, and how we could best get them to comply with permit and inspection standards, without resorting to authoritarian finger-wagging.

Applying data analysis, cultural insight, and a lot of creating thinking, I spearheaded the creation of an educational and social media community, a video content series, and a rethinking of how the organization talked to consumers.

The message was simple: We don’t mind if you Do It Yourself, we just want to make sure you Do It Right.

The DIR Network combined a vibrant, ESA-regulated Facebook community that allowed qualified homeowners to share knowledge, interact with the pros, and easily access streaming educational content and ESA services, with the ability to find contractors, resources, and training events in their community.

DIYers loved the platform’s open-handed approach to helping them with their renovation goals, while giving them the tools to know their limits.